Important Considerations Before Buying a New Home Printer

If you can’t recall the last time your print environment had an upgrade, your current devices could cost your business way more than a new printer. Remember the old saying, ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,’ is often true.

However, printers could represent a significant risk to your business. You’ve come to the right place if you are trying to persuade your leadership to invest in new equipment. Here are the top reasons to buy printer Singapore in 2024.

Old, outdated printers can add hidden printer costs. They typically call for more support and energy. Things are different with newer printers and copiers, considering they are more efficient in energy use. Moreover, their manufacturers typically stop making replacement parts when print devices are six or seven years old. This could undoubtedly make fixing an older printer an expensive pain.

There’s no rejecting the idea that networked printers tend to add convenience. However, they can likewise add potential entry points for hackers if they are improperly secured. Printing equipment north of seven years old is not equipped to ward off today’s cybercriminals.

If print security hasn’t been a priority in the last couple of years, it may be one of the biggest reasons to consider upgrading your equipment in 2024. When you get new equipment, ensure your dealer or staff updates its default admin password.

We can only conclude by mentioning that multi-function printers allow users to print, scan, fax, and copy. If this isn’t enough, they are an excellent way to reduce energy expenses and save space. What is fascinating is that scanning documents straight to email or a folder in the cloud is possible with newer print technologies. It can eliminate a great deal of extra steps.

For those wondering if they can safely get one more good year or two out of your printing equipment, asking a pro is better. Only then will you be sure if you ought to buy a printer in Singapore and reap the numerous benefits it brings to your small business.

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